Motorcycle Battery Prices in Sri Lanka

motorcycle battery price in sri lanka

Scooter and motorcycle battery prices in Sri Lanka vary, and Xcelink leads the pack. Known for affordability and reliability, Xcelink offers a range of capacities to suit diverse needs, making it a popular choice among cost-conscious riders.

In Sri Lanka’s bustling streets, scooters and motorcycles rule the road, offering efficient transportation. A crucial aspect of maintaining these vehicles is having a reliable power source, and as riders seek battery replacements, exploring the market becomes vital, considering both performance and price.

Uno Minda, another notable brand, combines cutting-edge technology with competitive pricing. These batteries stand out for their durability and performance, providing a robust power source without breaking the bank.

For those prioritizing a balance between affordability and reliability, Kaijie is a rising star in the battery industry. Committed to consistent power and durability, Kaijie batteries offer a value-for-money proposition that resonates with many Sri Lankan riders.

Arpico, a well-established retail chain, provides convenient and widely available batteries catering to various vehicles, including scooters and motorcycles. Arpico’s commitment to affordability makes its batteries accessible to a broad spectrum of riders.

Nippon, a name synonymous with quality, is prevalent in the Sri Lankan market. Offering batteries that prioritize cutting-edge technology and reliability, Nippon remains competitive in pricing, making it a trusted choice for many riders.

In conclusion, navigating scooter and motorcycle battery prices in Sri Lanka involves considering reputable brands like Xcelink, Uno Minda, Kaijie, Arpico, and Nippon. Each brand offers a unique blend of affordability and reliability, empowering riders to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget constraints

Motorcycle battery types in Sri Lanka

  • 12V 2.5 AH
  • 12V 4AH
  • 12V XLZ 5AH
  • 12V XL 5AH
  • 12V 6AH
  • 12V 7B 7AH
  • 12V 7LB 7AH
  • 12V ABS 7AH
  • 12V 9B 9AH
  • 12V 9LBS 9AH

12V 2.5 AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 4AH motorcycle battery Price

12V XLZ 5AH motorcycle battery Price

12V XL 5AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 6AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 7B 7AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 7LB 7AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 7ABS 7AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 9B 9AH motorcycle battery Price

12V 9LBS 9AH motorcycle battery Price

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